The Absolute Sound’s 2019 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest Show Report

by Steven Stone

Best Sound (Cost No Object)

The Cardas Audio, Doshi Audio, Joseph Audio, and Notable Audio in suite 3102 which included the J.Sikora Reference turntable ($28,995) mounted with J.Sikora KV12 VTA tonearm ($6995) and Kuzma 4Point tonearm ($7900) and Ortofon Anna D cartridge ($10,495) and Koetsu Onyx cartridge ($9995). The digital side used the Aurender W20SE server ($22,000), Berkeley Audio Designs Alpha USB ($1995) and DAC Reference Series 3 ($22,000). Analog tube-based electronics included the Doshi Audio V3 phonostage ($17,995), V3 linestage ($17,995), and V3 monoblock amplifiers ($36,996/pr.). Loudspeakers were Joseph Audio’s new Pearl 20/20 Graphene ($37,995/pr.). All cabling was from Cardas Audio and stands and racks from Modulum and sound treatments from Artnovion.